Below is a glossary of terminology used in our dataflow diagrams (DFD). Click here to download the document.

DFD Glossary

Term Abbreviation Description Beef Sheep Dairy
National Vendor Declaration NVD A document issued by a vendor to certify the origin of the vendor and its livestock.
Meat Standards Australia MSA A standards organisation that sets and defines criteria for assessing red meat quality.
National Vendor Declaration eNVD An electronic document issued by a vendor to certify the origin of the vendor and its livestock.
Recipient Generated Tax Invoice RGTI Tax invoice supplied by the vendor or supplier.
Commercial Data CD Multiple documents provided e.g. Commercial supply contract, reporting analysis health certificate etc.
Producer feedback PF Producer feedback provides insights on how well a carcase performed e.g. MSA grading
National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme NFAS Independently audited quality assurance program for the Australian lot feeding industry.
Slaughter feedback SF Providing feedback to producers or vendors on carcase performance.
Slaughter details SD Information and data associated to slaughter.
Post-Sale Summary PSS A series of tasks that you perform after a customer purchases a product or service.
Kill agenda KA An agenda of animals slaughtered on a production day at a processing establishment.
Carcase Ticket CT A ticket or tag applied to a carcase usually on the slaughter floor and scanned at boning room entry, carcase load in or load out. Provides traceability of the carcase as it moves throughout the processing establishment.
Production plan PP A production plan is a step by step plan implemented at the start of the production day to provide efficient processing of the production life cycle.
Pallet label PL It is a label applied to a pallet of production after palletisation and shrink wrapping. It is necessary to have correct labelling for logistics, traceability and distribution process.
Unit Label UL A label applied to an object or product to describe what it is.
Serial Shipping Container Code SSCC An 18 digit number used to identify product. SSC is encoded in the barcode and can also be encoded in an RFID tag.
Tender Document TD A document outlining a formal statement of the tender participants offer to supply product.
Picking instruction PI A process of picking items and product from the warehouse inventory.
Truck Manifest TM A truck manifest is a document outlining the pickup and drop off associated with the booking or order. It is assigned to a specific truck and assists traceability measures for product being loaded out or loaded in.
Stock on Hand SOH Stock on hand is the amount of product that a processing establishment or warehouse has available at a particular time.
Storage Detail SD Details on what and where product is located at a processing establishment, warehouse or cold store facility.
Delivery Docket DD A delivery is a document accompanying product being delivered to a particular location.
Invoice INV A receipt or proof of purchase or tax invoice.
Global Trade Item GTIN The Global Trade Item Number is an identifier for trade items developed by the international organisation GS1.
Export Permit EXPORT Issued by DAWE, it provides permission to conduct a specific export transaction.
Purchase Order PO A contract between the buyer and a seller which specifies information relating to the goods, delivery and terms and conditions of purchase.
Production Order PRO An order issued within a company to produce a specific quantity of material within a certain timeframe.
Importer/Exporter Agreement IEA A contract between the importing and exporting businesses which specifies the terms of trade.
Export Health/Government Certificate HC A certificate issued by the Department containing details about the product being exported and confirming that certain importing country requirements have been met to facilitate clearance of goods at import. Depending on requirements, the certificate will be signed by either a Veterinary or Authorised Officer.
Import Permit IP A document that confirms eligibility of goods for import and facilitates the importation of these goods by a country.
Transfer Declaration TD A declaration statement made by the dispatching establishment regarding the export eligibility of the goods being moved.
Export Documents ED Covers all official export documents for transport and government requirements.
Logistics Management Records LMR Internal record keeping system, electronic or paper based.
Processor Management Records PMR Internal record keeping system, electronic or paper based.
Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System ESCAS The Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System is an assurance system based on commercial arrangements with supply chain partners in importing countries to provide humane treatment and handling of livestock.
Export Documentation System EXDOC EXDOC is the DAWEs electronic export documentation system with the purpose of managing export documentation for primary produce.
Importing Country Government System ICGS A system used by Importing Country Government for inspection and verification of importing country requirements.
Importing Country Food Authority ICFA Importing Country Food Authority implement certain requirements for commercially viable product. e.g. Import Supermarket
Import Specific livestock movement forms ISF Import specific commodity movement forms and livestock movement forms. This includes the property (PIC) from/to where the livestock or product were consigned.